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an archive of useful and useless websites. made by someone with extremely limited html knowledge. check out my personal website that i made with someone else's website


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snack index: a pokemon-style index of snacks. very cute hand-drawn foods.

the town:simply known as just "the town", includes an airport, cafe, park, pond, a community center, and a theatre. very fun to explore.

crouton: do i need say more? a sandbox/rpg kind of dnd-type game. including cute pixel art and mushrooms

evergreen: cool website made by an artist, with lots of text-art stuff.

your world of text: sandbox community text-canvas.

free online solitare: site for solitare, mahjong, spider, and sudoku. pretty cool if you're bored at work

kristen lepore's site: site of the claymation artist kristen lepore, includes a bunch of cool vids.

love ascii: ascii art of hearts, roses, teddy bears, etc.

MUDII: a MUD, or multi-player dungeon website. text-based dnd stuff

diabella's vintange cat graphics: website for all sorts of early 2000s internet graphics. except it's only cats.

floor 796: a hand-drawn expanding animation portraying the 796th floor of a space station. contains clickable characters and lots of references.

ai dungeon: dungeons and dragons for lonely losers who like ai.

skytopia: games, music, bloggin; just an overall cool experience

ty collector: ty beanie babies index, includes pics, birthdays, and the ty familes.

mod archive: a site dedicated to collecting music modules. also has a random button if you want to try something new

melonland surf club: site dedicated to melonland's webring. you could actually spend hours and hours on this.

withit girls: cool blog site dedicated to amplyfing the voices and visions of girls/fem people

how to be a guerilla artist - keri smith: on how to be a guerilla artist. authored by author and artist keri smith, creator of the wreck this journal series.

the web revival tutorial - melonking:how to make a website, super super easy pure chaos. arnold swartzenagger photoshopped onto sailor moon charecters

tech collection: favicons of pixel art computers and such.

space jam: the official space jam website from 1996.

acts of gord: parody of an internet cult, and a very long book that's kind of a modern take on the bible

frank and beth's matchbox haven: website dedicated to collectiong matchbox cars. not sure whether this could be fun,useful, or both, but interesting nonetheless.

guess my word: guess an english, scrabble-appropriate word and the webmaster says wheter the word is alphabetically before or after the word you guessed

cyberpunk life: neocities website dedicated to cyberpunk culture, music, books, movies, philosophy, plus links to forums and general sites on the topic

my 90s tv: site with a working"tv" and channels with media from the 90s. links to my 60s tv,my 70s tv,my 80s tv, and my 00s tv

radio garden: site where you can listen to a radio pretty much anywhere in the world, and get exposed to a ton of new music.

hacker typer: type like a stereotypical hacker really really cool game that i tried to play and was totally confused by, but a really original work of art

cheese quiz: what type of cheese r u

what the fuck should i listen to right now: enter an aritist, it'll tell you another fucking artist

physics sim: physics simulator that is fun to play around with :D

drawboard: online drawing board that resets every half an hour, communal

the small web - essay: little essay on the small indie web

beepbox: create beats online

color: a color matching game, good time waster


trace anime screenshots: use this to trace what anime a screenshot or meme is from

makesweet: make 3d messages and stuff

the anarchist library: a resource for people who want to learn about the anarchist ideals/anarchists looking for resources

insecam: library of online live security cam footage. its a little creepy ngl

masterwiki: an adaption of real masterclasses taught by professionals, republished on a wikihow-template. cool to learn more skills.

electric zine maker: a template for easily making and printing zines. links to downloads

post office: little posting forum for people who appreciate the little things in life

totseans archive: archive with lots of general information. it does contain stuff on illegal activity, which i do not reccomend or approve, but if you need facts for educational purposes or simply out of curiousity, it's very interesting.

paper cd case: site that generates a pdf for making and folding paper cd cases

universal library of books: one million books in a free book collection, all avalible to anyone without any signing up

what should i read next: gives you reccomendations on what to read next

the weather channel classics: archive of clips and news from old weather channels. pretty cool, idk if it's useful

musicmap: super cool map of music and genre evolution from the 1800s-2020s. absolutely could spend hours on this website

common sense rainbow: a site for debunking anti-lgbt arguments with facts and logic

digital wellbeing: make sure that all of your data is safe and secure

texture town: site with over 3000 textures for web design, or really anything that you need patterns for. also has a pretty cool interactive playroom old search engine designed like earlier-web tech

dafont: the best site for finding fonts for web design, graphic design and really anything you need it for

etymoline: trace any word you want back to its origin and place of origin a museum of any old game, and you can record any parts of any map in said games

the fat strawberry - brushes: a bunch of digital brushes for any artists

zc mag zine ideas: site that generates ideas for your zine

sci hub database: find any reasearch papers or textbooks that you need, all for free, online like, another indie web old-tech search engine based around finding non-comercial links wikipedia-style site with virtually any page on any charecter in any fandom, as well as LINKS TO FANFICTION (ahhhh)

pal: apply an 8-color pallette to any image uploaded from your computer

how to avoid the botnet: on how to stay safe from all of the ai shitfuckery online

urlvoid: check if a website is secure and safe for you to visit by pasting it into a search bar

cameron's world chaotic but colorful site that is basically an archive of thousands of pixel, old geocities-esque gifs

html css javascript: huge huge database, generator, link list of any info you need on html, css, and javascript, basically what i used to build this site

break the bubble: enter a book you like and get the opposite of it. for expanding your reading tastes

native land: map of the names of native lands and their languages, boundaries, etc.

that 1 archive: "a meta-archive which draws from many sources in the pursuit of the ideals of exploring history and eternal preservation, and is one of the largest archives on national security, intelligence, espionage and related issues."

neuromancer: read neuromancer, by wiliam gibson, online